Be The One Who Dares Hunt

With Singapore being an urban jungle, the everyday life of most locals is highly routinized. In an attempt to get Singaporeans to break out of the norm, a fresh off the global "Be The One Who Dares" campaign was conceived.

The localized campaign, "BMW X2 Hunt", challenged the target audience both online and on-ground, engaging people on all levels.

The campaign created excitement for weeks and successfully dared people into trying something different, aptly embodying the global and local campaign messages.


Loyalty and Engagement Awards 2019

  • Best Use of Contests/Promotions (Silver)
  • Best Use of Experiential/Live Marketing (Bronze)
  • Best Engagement Strategy – Specific Audience (Finalist)
  • Best Use of Gamification (Finalist)

MARKies Awards 2019

  • Most Creative – Experiential (Finalist)
  • Most Creative – Specific Audience (Finalist)

Marketing Excellence Awards Singapore 2018

  • Excellence in Marketing to a Male Audience (Gold)


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